Telugu Movies You Should Definitely watch: Mental Madhilo

Mental Madhilo is a Telugu sentimental romantic movie by VivekAthreya. It’s a story of a man who has a mental disorder of what to decide. He can not make any decisions in life even if it’s minor or major. This is a Telugu first film of NivethaPethuraj and Srinivasan. It’s a great family story which inspires all of them by sending a message of its okay to have mental illness. Watch Mental Madhilo movie online today and enjoy. It’s one of the online streaming movies. It’s a go to movie of all the lovely telugu audience.


Arvind Krishna is a young man who has a mental disorder of not making decisions¬† in life. He can not make any decision which is related to his life be it food, education, love life and anything. He will be extremely confused if there is a time he has to make a decision. Not just that, he feels extremely uncomfortable talking to any girl. He can’t make eye to eye contact or talk a single word. One day their parents fix his marriage proposal, he will go to her swetcha for the first time. She makes him feel better as a person and makes him feel good around her.

Telugu Movies You Should Definitely watch: Mental Madhilo

He likes spending time with swetcha. They start liking each other also. He agrees to be engaged with her but he will do project work, where will have to go to Mumbai. While going he meets a fun, unpredictable and lovely girl Renu. She believes in destiny and leaves him. Unconsciously Arvind starts searching for the and finds. They Both have a really good time together, they start liking each other. After spending time, one night they both will have an intimate scene. Which is not that awkward for them. Next day, surprisingly, Swetcha visits Mumbai to see Arvind. They create a crazy confusion. See the whole movie to know whether Arvind can make one decision in life for himself. Will he go back to sweatch and apologize? Stay tuned to watch that movie.

Technical Assets:

  • It’s a unique idea to make a film on decision making and twist it with love. It’s a very relatable and common factor for everyone, especially youngsters.
  • Screenplay of the movie has to be the one ultimate factor which pulled the movie towards the hit track.
  • Cast has done a great job in acting and giving this movie a monumental life.

Cast and Crew:

Actor: Sree Vishnu

Actress: NivethaPethuraj

Other actors: Amrutha Srinivasan, Sivaji Raja.

Director: VivekAthreya

Art Director: Manisha Satyavolu

Based: Dharmapatha Creations

Producer: Raj Kandukuri

Music: PrashanthVihari

Cinematography: VedaramanSankaran

Editing: ViplavNyshadam

Story By: VivekAthreya

Other information:

Runtime: 2 hr 22 min

Release date: 24 November 2017

Genre: Romantic, Drama.

Box Office: Rs 2.25 crores

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